Terms and Conditions



We aim to provide a highly professional, exceptionally well-presented, user-friendly website to anyone seeking information about places to stay and things to do in the West Coast of Scotland.  The site is easy to navigate and provides a comprehensive range of interrogation criteria.  The site will be adapted, enhanced and improved as we deem appropriate without specific notice to current advertisers, in order to maintain those standards and ensure that visitors to the site are finding the information they need. 

www.westcoastofscotland.co.uk has an assumption against hosting advertising slogans, messages and links to other sites, other than those of our paid advertisers via the website structure.

DESIGN and ARTWORK:  We are pleased to work with you to design a professional webpage which fairly represents the personality and individuality of your business, whether that involves using graphics and text you have available already, or creating content specifically for the purpose.  Any text or artwork you provide must meet our subjective and objective specifications.  We reserve the right to refuse to use any material provided without giving a reason.  We aim to maintain the highest possible standards of presentation throughout the site, and this will mean that we occasionally have to refuse poor quality photographs or badly written text (although we are happy to edit).  Our team benefits from many years’ experience designing, building and operating websites and we will be pleased to provide additional advice and guidance as required.

We anticipate being able to have a webpage designed and ready to go live within 30 days of receipt of your paid order, but this will be dependent upon the quantity and type of materials being used and receipt of prompt replies from you.

PRICING: we offer a simple pricing structure which is the same for all businesses* regardless of their size or turnover.  Currently those prices are:

                £60.00 for one calendar year, payable in full at the beginning of the term

                £110.00 for two calendar years, payable in full at the beginning of the term

                £160.00 for three calendar years, payable in full at the beginning of the term


* A “business” is defined by one organisation, represented by one website. Businesses which comprise more than one unit or location can choose to either group them on one page, or purchase multiple listings in order to detail each location separately. Terms for organisations or groups wishing to advertise on behalf of several members/websites are subject to negotiation on a case by case basis.


Payment can be made as follows:


By BACS transfer to:   A J Lock

A/c:   10112263

Sort code:   80-46-79

Ref:    Please quote invoice number

By cheque made payable to A J Lock and mailed to the address given below.

By PAYPAL to: andy@changinglight.co.uk

Payment is expected within 30 days of invoice date.

Payment is required in full before any work will be undertaken on your behalf.  The duration of your subscription will begin once your page is developed and approved, and when it goes live.

You will be notified approximately two months before your subscription expires, and invited to re-new your subscription.  If payment is not received within 30 days of the end of a booked period, the page will be removed from our site without further notice.

No refund is payable for one year bookings, although your page will be removed from the site should you so wish, once we receive a confirmed request to this effect.  For two or three year bookings, you are entitled to cancel the arrangement at any time, and will be entitled to a pro-rata refund for the remaining duration of the contract, less a standard £25 administration fee.  We reserve the right, under exceptional circumstances, to waive the administration fee.

WEBSITE LISTINGS: website searches will be presented to the user in constantly changing random order.  It will not be possible for a subscriber to pay extra to be ranked higher in the listing.  We will provide as many and varied means of interrogating and filtering search results as possible, and will assist subscribers in identifying keywords and search criteria for their pages, to help ensure that their site is regularly viewed.

ADVERTISING & PROMOTION: the website will be promoted via all reasonable means which we deem cost-effective and appropriate.  The majority of our promotional activities will be undertaken via the web and social media.  Subscribers are expected to promote the website in an appropriate manner when suitable opportunities arise.

WEB PAGE CONTENT: the subscriber is responsible for their web page content at all times and is required to approve all content prior to the page being activated.  www.westcoastofscotland.co.uk will not be held accountable for errors, omissions, mistakes and inaccuracies on subscribers’ web pages.

PAPERWORK: all correspondence will be undertaken electronically and you are required to ensure that we are notified if your email contact details change.  A printed and signed Statement can be produced in hard copy and mailed to you once a year for tax purposes if required and upon request.

DATA PRIVACY: we will not at any time, or under any circumstances knowingly provide any subscriber details, including email addresses, to any third party. 

NEWSLETTER: all website subscribers will receive a short monthly newsletter which enables us to keep you up to date with developments on the site.

ANNUAL REPORTING: We will provide a brief annual report to our subscribers, detailing traffic to and through our site.  This will include a subscriber-specific statement of traffic to their web page. 

EXCLUSIVITY: We DO NOT require subscribers to enter into an exclusivity arrangement with us, and you are free to advertise your business elsewhere in any way you choose.

GOOD FAITH: we will act in a way which we deem to be fair and reasonable at all times, and in “Good Faith” with those we deal with, and we expect our subscribers and others we deal with to do likewise.  We reserve the right to remove any subscriber from www.westcoastofscotland.co.uk without prior notice or justification should their actions be deemed likely to reflect badly upon the reputation and activities of www.westcoastofscotland.co.uk.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: an up to date set of Terms & Conditions will be displayed on our website at all times, and the latest version will apply at all times.